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segunda-feira, 5 de agosto de 2013

I have thinking about the stuffs that coming happen. So many decision... Even i make somethings the choices, and any choices,never change the results about the past. Is relative,but not. My heart,sometimes hurts, just thinking in stuffs that could be diferent, but not was be diferent. Maybe i had to pass for this and take the news knowledges to continue in this way of life. Mistakes happen all the time,but i think that have take your mistake,opening your mind to new opportunities and straight head. Go out to the sun and expose your face. Feel the rays off the sun heating your skin, and don't mind if that are many colors passing by in the crystal forming separates colors. No matter what the color is or which arrives first. Just feel the feelings, invented a estory and count the stars. Live your life of kind you want. Isn't the count off anyone how you live,where you go, if you coming back...Search the love by the wordl cultivates and spread. Peoples needs love, people need of love. When i talk about love a image coming my mind in picture form. And express the persona that i love. And i looking for in this picture, little things that reflects me. I adore stay look his eyes,smile or nose. Your hair so clumsy when get up in the morning or boring face when has jealous. Make me happy. Sometimes our home don't found in anywhere because this home is someone. The heart is the best local to live. Because, persons from the heart is important the most. Taking your house conform love cultivates for person that placed there. Is very confortable. And when you looking for that personal you search in your heart and he there,looking in your eyes than a reflection in the mirror. You kissing he and he kissing you. You know, you belongs he and he belongs you. No have place in the world,better, than stayed in by your side. The estory invented is a lived history. Don't have a end, 'cause ...The love is eternal and what is eternal is infinity.The infinity...everybody knows: Don't have and never ever, going to have end.

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